Top 10 Designs of Girls Bedroom for 2013

Girls are different and special in so many ways, they are sensitive, creative and they are happy only when are surrounded in a place with cheerful and feminine colors and cute elements.  A girl can express herself in her room, her room is her spot, her nestle, when she is in her room she feels the most happy. A girl feels the most comfortable in her room, and the design of the girl’s bedroom represents who she really is. A very common fact is that girls are fond of the color of pink and white. This color represents the feminine beauty in so many ways, and it is good rule that pink is the color of the girls. The girl’s room is always a synonym for something cute, creative and adorable. While decorating a room for a girl you know which are the essentials, the color of pink, a lot of stuffed toys and charming furniture. In order to inspire you to decorate a room for a girl, we  gathered the best of the  designs of Girls Bedroom for 2013.

So in case you are planning to surprise your girl with a new design for her bedroom, you may find some inspiration in the following guide of super cute  girl’s bedroom designs. So all you have to do is sit back, relax and pick your favorite design for girly bedroom for 2013.


1. Colorful Girl Bedroom Design

Purple and Yellow are great combination of colors for charming look of girl bedroom. This bedroom is dreamy and totally girly!

Colorful Girl Bedroom Design

2. Pink White and Blue Girl’s Room Design

Typical girl bedroom, it is sensitive with neutral colors and a lot of flowers all over the place.

Pink White and Blue Girl's Room Design

3. Charming Pink and White Girl’s Room Design

A place for princesses to sleep in.This bedroom is for little princess who live in a perfect pink world. So girly!

Charming Pink and White Girl's Room Design

4. Girly Daydreamer Room Design

Charming and neutral design for girl bedroom.The colors are earthy and the design is subtle but adorable.

Girly Daydreamer Room Design


5. Glamorous Girl Bedroom Design

This is a rule how one room for a girly girl should look like. A lot of pink and a lot of glamor, that is the winning combination.

Glamorous Girl Bedroom Design

6. Rustic Bedroom Design for Girls

Adorable and rare design for girls room, this bedroom seems like a cute child story.

Rustic Bedroom Design for Girls

7. Cute Pink Girl Bedroom

Totally Pink and totally girly. There is no girl in the world that would not love to sleep in a room like this.

Cute Pink Girl Bedroom

8. Neutral pink girl bedroom design

Pink, flowers and adorable bed, everything girl wants.

Neutral pink girl bedroom design

9. Tropical Girl Bedroom Design

Cheerful and fun room with a lot of colors and designs. This is super cool idea for adventurous girls.

Tropical Girl Bedroom Design


10. Pink French Bedroom Design

If you can not go to France bring France in your room. Super cute girly french style room. Awesome or should we say “Merveilleux.”

Pink French Bedroom Design

So, if you are already inspired start making plans for the new bedroom for your girl. Have more bedroom design ideas for girls, share in the comments below!

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